Aster beginner

Main features of the Aster beginner greenhouse:
  • Standard dimension: 16,4`W x 14`L x 9,4`H, Weight 265 LB.
  • The greenhouse has a different length (multiple of 7 Ft) depending on the customer demand.
  • Greenhouse frame made of durable galvanized W-profile.
  • TThe galvanized metal frame is assembled with screws and nuts.
  • Aster beginner have no welded joints.
  • Foundation is not required. Fastening on the ground is done by bury special T-shaped endings of the frame.
  • Coverage – High density multiwall polycarbonate sheets made on the Italian equipment Omipa.
  • Critical snow load is 530 LB/sqm.
  • Warranty – 10 years.
  • Critical wind load is 62 miles/hour.

Make your business with more profit with Aster beginner greenhouse!

Installation requires at least 2 people.
Our installers are available for assembly (For extra cost).

Necessary tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Gloves
  • Socket set
  • Nut tightening tool for screws
  • Step ladder
  • Level

Aster beginner greenhouse technical manual :

Greenhouse supplied on the pallet.
Maximum length of the frame elements 10 Ft.
Two options of delivery are available:

  • Customer pick up from Schaumburg, Illinois, ZIP 60193
  • Shipping

If you`ll need shipping to another state, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our company will provide you with best possible service.

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      Aster is a large greenhouse made for farmers and farms who professionally grow seedlings, flowers and other crops for sale.

      The Aster Beginer model was created for beginning farmers who want to establish their professionalism and grow organic food for sale.

      The teardrop shape and the increased height of the aster greenhouse make it possible to maximize the use of the internal space and grow various cultures.

      All Aster frame elements are made of high quality galvanized steel. The gothic form of the arches provides a high degree of illumination of the greenhouse, does not allow snow to accumulate on the surface of the roof, eliminating the risk of deformation of the frame.

      High density multiwall polycarbonate made on premium Italian equipment Omipa is an ideal covering to protect your plants from any adverse weather conditions and helps to create good microclimate inside.


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