Aster greenfinger

Aster greenfinger
Main features of the Aster greenhouse:
  • Standard dimension: 38`W x 21`L x 15`H, Weight 1250 LB.
  • The greenhouse has a different length (multiple of 7 Ft) depending on the customer demand.
  • Greenhouse frame made of durable galvanized W-profile.
  • The galvanized metal frame is assembled with screws and nuts.
  • Aster greenhouse have no welded joints.
  • Foundation is not required. Fastening on the ground is done by bury special T-shaped endings of the frame.
  • Coverage – High density 8-16mm multiwall polycarbonate sheets made on the Italian equipment Omipa.
  • Critical snow load is 530 LB/sqm.
  • Critical wind load is 75 miles/hour.
  • Warranty – 10 years.

Make your business more profit with Aster professional greenhouse!

Installation requires at least 2 people.
Our installers are available for assembly (For extra cost).
Available departure of experts in place.
Inspection and measurement of the site where the customer wants to place a greenhouse.
Consultation of the customer on the type and size of structures for this site.
If there is a model that meets the requirements of the customer, an order is made.

Aster greenfinger greenhouse technical manual:

Terms of delivery are available:
  • Customer pick up from Schaumburg, Illinois, ZIP 60193.
  • Shipping.

Production time: from 2 to 4 weeks, depends from the length.
Delivery time: 4 weeks.
Maximum part size is 20,66 Ft.

If you`ll need shipping to another state, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our company will provide you with best possible service.

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      Aster greenfinger is a greenhouse made for farmers and farms who professionally grow seedlings, flowers, tomatoes and other crops for sale and want to extend their business and achieve more profit.

      Gable roof shape and vertical side walls allow to use full of the internal space. Greenfinger greenhouse has sliding gates do not require additional space for opening and are not afraid of wind loads in the open or closed position. The design of the gate is protected by a patent. The frame parts are made of high quality galvanized iron profiles with a thickness of 1 and 2 mm. All design details are fully processed by hot dip galvanizing using the Sendzimir method, Z-275 g / m² and Z-450 g / m². The design is optimized and can withstand the snow load 240 kg/m2, which is confirmed by tests at the production site. The frame durability is more than 30 years.

      High density multiwall polycarbonate sheets made on premium Italian equipment Omipa in conjunction with Bayer Gmbh raw material is an ideal covering for Aster greenfinger greenhouse to protect your plants from any adverse weather conditions and helps to create good microclimate inside. As multiwall polycarbonate has the best U-value in comparison with other covering materials, what is too important for save heating expenses in winter time. Multiwall polycarbonate retains its properties in a wide temperature range from extreme frosts at -58 ° F to 248 ° F. Polycarbonate also has a high light transmittance – up to 85% of sunlight, evenly scattering it over the surface of plants. Protect you plants from UV-radiation. For too cold regions available multiwall polycarbonate 16mm thickness in 7 Wall structure.

    We recommend to install Aster greenfinger using foundation. Anyway greenhouse supplied with special T-shaped fixing bars. T-shaped fixing bars created to avoid foundation installation, in this case greenhouse can be mounted in any land. Of course depends of your budget and own choice of the plants you are planning to grow.

    Assembly of the frame performed on bolted joints, without the use of welding that provides corrosion protection. For installation of the greenhouse does not require special skills and special equipment, and only requires careful adherence to the instructions.

    The frame can be covered with other materials and can be used as a warehouse for storage, production or trade, and the proven strength allows them to be used for snowy areas for sure.

    Under request available prefabricated metal shelving, air vents, ventilation and heating systems.


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