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About Daisy greenhouse

About Daisy greenhouse

The Daisy greenhouse is made for growing various crops. This type of greenhouse can optimally use its entire area.
The frame of the greenhouse is made of durable galvanized pipe 25x25mm(1”X1”). The thickness of zinc is 275 g / m2, which meets the requirements of extremely high quality.
Only high-quality European multiwall polycarbonate 4 mm thick is used, which is resistant to harmful UV radiation, hail, and impacts. Choosing a greenhouse with a polycarbonate coating, you will be calm thanks to its durability, since the coating is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years.
The greenhouse daisy is good staff not only for local climatic conditions, but also for locations where wind and snow loads are increased. The greenhouse is already equipped with specific T-shaped rails, which are immersed in the ground by 30 cm.
The package includes: high-quality frame, fixing to the ground (no concrete base is required), two functional doors with air vents for ventilation, multiwall polycarbonate 4mm, all the necessary hardware for mounting the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Reinforced:

Greenhouse Reinforced:

New model of GREENHOUSES with 1”x1″ inch pipes, 2.1 ft. arch spacing and additional pipe reinforcements on frame. New 2021 models! All the smallest technical details have been thought out and the errors of previous models have been eliminated. According to the index of snow and wind load, it has no analogues in its segment.

Made of riveted, one-piece galvanized on both sides of the pipe, there is no savings on metal – quality does not suffer. Solid construction is easier than ever to assemble with one-piece bent pipes and pre-assembled end pieces.

Important! Unlike most models, Reinforced has holes drilled for attaching longitudinal stringers (rafters). You do not have to waste your time, with a drill in hand, due to manufacturers’ flaws.

The greenhouse is equipped with transverse snow reinforcements of arches, transverse struts, which are located at a height of 2 meters. Used by resourceful gardeners to tie their crops.

The frame is produced without a single welded seam, thereby eliminating the risk of corrosion and oxidation of the seam. At each of the ends, in addition to the transverse ones, diagonal jibs are also installed for even greater reliability of the entire structure.

The greenhouse is equipped with elongated lugs, which is an undoubted plus for the stability of the entire structure. No foundation required – saves you money and time.

Polycarbonate fastening system – galvanized metal strapping tape. Facilitates installation and is the most reliable mounting method. It prevents moisture from entering the inside of the greenhouse and increases the wind load at times. Does not squeeze polycarbonate, unlike self-tapping screws and does not corrode.

The best choice for people who want to buy quality products for decades, while it is good to save money and please themselves with a purchase!

Let’s List Again All The Advantages Of Greenhouse Reinforced:

  • Made of riveted, one-piece galvanized pipe on both sides.
  • The frame is made without a single welded seam, eliminates corrosion.
  • Assembled end pieces – easy assembly.
  • Special silicone washers with a cap at the ends of the greenhouse.
  • Equipped with transverse snow reinforcements of the arches. Which are often used as garters.
  • Polycarbonate fastening system – galvanized metal strapping tape.
  • Holes have been drilled for attaching longitudinal stringers.
  • Extended lugs for each arch.
  • Bolted door hinges without welding seam.
  • There are additional jibs at the ends for the stability of the entire structure.
  • Diagonal door strut.

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Main features of Daisy greenhouse:
  • Standard dimension: 13’Lx8.3’Wx7.2’H, Weight 170 LB.
  • Greenhouse frame made of durable galvanized metal pipe 25x25mm(1”X1”).
  • The galvanized metal frame is assembled with screws and nuts.
  • Daisy have no welded joints, frame does not rot and is not amenable to corrosion.
  • Foundation is not required. Fastening on the ground is done by bury special T-shaped endings of the frame.
  • Coverage – High quality 4mm multiwall polycarbonate sheets made on the Italian equipment Omipa.
  • Critical snow load is 240 kg/m2 .
  • Wind Resistance up to 65 mph.
  • Warranty – 3 years.
  • As a basic package is 2 boxes with Daisy greenhouse frame and 2,5 polycarbonate sheets.


Installation requires at least 2 people.
Not including site preparation, the assembly should take 2 to 4 hours.

Necessary tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Gloves
  • Socket set
  • Nut tightening tool for screws
  • Step ladder
  • Level

Daisy greenhouse technical manual:




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